Pagico 10 Release Notes Updates

Pagico Aug 2023 Update: New Data Objects, Faster Content Creation, and More!

Pagico just got a whole lot better with the new August 2023 Update! With this release, the process to create content is much more streamlined, and you can easily embed new data objects, such as headings, web links, and maps. Read on to learn more.

Reminder: This update is free to users with an active software update coverage. If your software update coverage has expired, your license may not be able to activate this update. You can lookup your license and its software update coverage here.

New Data Objects

Ever wanted to manage your project and contact content better? Now you can, with the new headings, web links and maps! Just look at how organized this trip plan is:

The use of headings, web bookmarks and embedded maps makes it easy to create (and most importantly, follow) plans.


There are three levels of headings available for you to choose from, with heading level 1 being the largest in font size, and level 3 being the smallest.

Please note that these custom headings are not visible if your project or contact uses the By-Type display mode, which groups data objects by type.

Web Bookmarks

You can now insert links as web bookmarks, which are rendered as cards. While you could certainly insert hyperlinks into links and notes in the past, web bookmarks are much bigger in their footprint and therefore significantly more visible, making them perfect for important links, such as zoom meeting links, or folders stored on a cloud-based storage service, etc.

Embedded Maps

With the embedded maps object, Pagico now allows you to embed Google Maps right into your projects or contacts. To use this feature, simply choose the Map option and enter a location name, address, or paste in a Google Maps link.

The map view’s dimensions can be adjusted by dragging and dropping the bottom or right side of the map object, like this:

Of course, you can also right-click on the map object and choose a desired layout width from the popup menu.

One thing to know about the embedded map views is that this feature requires an active internet connection to function. Google does not allow the caching of maps for offline use (at least for now), so you will not be able to see the map view if your computer is offline.

Streamlined Content Creation Experience

With the addition of three new data object options, the content creation process needed an overhaul as well. So we redesigned the add-new menu mechanism so that it not only lets you find the desired option faster, but also lets you create new content right off the bat.

This process of quick content creation is enabled for other data objects, too. For example, here’s how to start a new list really quickly:

New Content Ordering Default : Manual

Previously, the default content ordering mode is “By Type”. If you created a new project or contact, the content would be in the By Type display mode where lists, notes and files are grouped under their own headings respectively. With the newly introduced Headings feature, you can create headings based on your actual needs. Therefore, anticipating a reduction in the need of the By-Type display mode, the new default content ordering mode will be Manual mode, where you can arrange content in any sequence you like. If you still prefer the By-Type mode, you can certainly change the display mode as you wish. The display mode is remembered within the project (or contact), so you can certainly use the By-Type mode in certain projects, and the Manual mode in others.

Bulk List Item Move

You can now multi-select list items and move them in bulk! Simply select and drag. It’s that simple! This makes it much easier to move tasks and subtasks all together.

Other Improvements

There are many other improvements in this release as well:

  • Comments are now much more visible
  • Fixed an issue where the scrolling date numbers row in the timeline views may disappear in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue with the team member content filter algorithm
  • Fixed an issue where files in the public share version may not be accessible in certain cases
  • Fixed various other minor issues

Pagico Mobile 7.7

Pagico Mobile has just been updated as well! With the new v7.7 release, the mobile app matches the new features described above so you can enjoy these new capabilities even when you are on the go.

Getting the Update

If your software update coverage is still active, then this update is free of charge to you! Simply click on the button below to grab the update:

If you have an older Pagico license or if your software update coverage has expired, you can still click on the button to download and run the latest version of Pagico in free trial mode to see if the new capabilities are worth the upgrade. Not sure about your license status? Look it up here. If you need to extend your software update coverage, you can purchase a Personal Premium service plan to restart your software update coverage and enjoy more updates like this one! If you don’t like what you see, you can always roll back to the latest version of Pagico that your license supports. No problems at all!