Pagico Edition name change, and new beta release (

Good day, folks!
The Change in Editions
Pagico has been available for two editions (Basic and Standard) for the past year. But now, as the release of v3.2, this is gonna be changed. The basic edition is going to be upgraded to two directions, which equipped with more features, and are more focused on different purposes.

So, at the same time, the original “Standard” edition, is going to change the name to “Professional”, which represents its capabilities more accurately.

Upgrade Policy
The existing users of Pagico (Standard) will be able to upgrade to Pagico (Professional) v3.2 for free. Users of Pagico (Basic) will have to pay a small amount of upgrade fee to upgrade to either of the two editions. More details about the two editions and upgrade fee will be covered soon.

New Beta Release
We’ve got a new beta release for you: v3.2.0.81.
In this release, a newly made German language pack, and a bug fix in the file type recognition of linked folders are included.

To get started, please click the corresponding link below:

Special Thanks
Here, we’d like to especially mention our volunteer user who spent lots of time making the German language pack.
Thank you, Stephane Rocher!