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Pagico is about to launch a new cool feature (service) …

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Well, I think this is a very cool feature for all the people who work in the field. Students and professors spend lots of time in different places with different public computers; artists and software engineers (like me) need to write down their inspirations immediately; mobile gadget (like iPhone and Blackberry, etc) owners process lots of works on-the-go.

All of the people above may take advantage of Pagico to organize all their contents on their computers, but that is not enough.

What does it sound like?
We’d like to make something that:
1) People can access their contents on their computer without restriction (we did that already)
2) People can add something to their Pagico immediately, no matter where they are, what they’re using.

So, that’s what we are gonna provide to everyone. Yes, an online service for Pagico that allows you to add contents (notes, lists) with any email-capable device.

Join the beta!
Until now, we’re still not sure about the name of this feature. However, a beta will be online soon, and this will be a private beta which will be available to only those who are invited*.
So, leave comments here with a valid email address** (nobody else will be able to see that) so that we can send you an invitation as soon as the beta is ready to go.

*: You don’t have to buy Pagico to participate the beta. A copy of Pagico within free trial period will be fine.

**: The only email we would send to you is the invitation. You will not be involved in any kinds of “news letters” as we hate that too.

Pricing & Availability
I know talking about this right now is a little bit early, but I really would like to share something that is already in our mind: this will be a free upgrade for all our existing users.

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