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Pagico 3.2 Beta is in progress (Latest: v3.2.0.83)

If you’re looking for the latest beta build, this is the right place for it. Read More

Pagico 3.1 is released: MobileNote feature enabled!

Pagico logo
Hello folks, this is the long waited Pagico 3.1, with the MobileNote feature ready to use!

So, if you’re interested in trying out this shiny feature, just go ahead and download.

Of course, within this release, there are some other fixes and improvements as well! Read More

Pagico v2.3.1 released, it’s not only a bug-fix release…

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Hello everyone, I’m excited to release this v2.3.1 update, which addresses so many things including both bug fixes and usability improvements!

Details about this release:

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Pagico is about to launch a new cool feature (service) …

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Well, I think this is a very cool feature for all the people who work in the field. Students and professors spend lots of time in different places with different public computers; artists and software engineers (like me) need to write down their inspirations immediately; mobile gadget (like iPhone and Blackberry, etc) owners process lots of works on-the-go.

All of the people above may take advantage of Pagico to organize all their contents on their computers, but that is not enough.
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Pagico 2.2.0907: WYSIWYG, Safari 3 fixed, and improved performance

Pagico can now live with Safari 3 Beta

Good news for everyone, we’ve just updated both editions of Pagico on Mac to v2.2.0907. In this release, there are several important improvements:

  • Work with Safari 3 Beta
  • WYSIWYG editor for topic text paragraphs
  • No more Pagico folders in your root-level
  • Performance improvement (topic loads up to twice as fast)
  • UI Refinements
  • Bug fixes

And many more.
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Pagico is gonna work with Safari 3 installed (soon)

Pagico panics with Safari 3?

I think this is great news for all of us — today we’ve just been contacted with a webkit developer from Apple about the Safari 3 crash issue about Pagico.

In the upcoming days we’ll hopefully work something out together to get rid of this irritating bug.

Just in case you didn’t know: Once the Safari 3 Beta is installed on your Mac, a new version of a system module called webkit is installed as well. Unfortunately this webkit is still in Beta and contains unknown bugs. Pagico relies on this module therefore Pagico will crash (unexpectedly quit) immediately after launched.

Pagico has been suffered from this issue for over 2 months, since Safari 3 Beta was first released.

WYSIWYG editor in Pagico? Soon! But…

The long-waiting WYSIWYG editor in PagicoWe’re here happy to tell you about the progress of the long-waiting WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor in Pagico is *almost* there.From the screenshot on the left, you can see that it’s working. However, it will not work on your lovely macs until Apple officially introduce the Safari 3 — which is extremely unstable and still in beta. So, do NOT install Safari 3 Beta now — there won’t be a WYSIWYG editor in Pagico, and you’ll have to roll back to Safari 2, as Pagico will crash every time it launches, if Safari 3 Beta is installed (no, it doesn’t matter if you use Safari to use Pagico or not).

More details about the crash issue can be found in our FAQ.    

So, that’s not bad news, right? At least you’ll know what to expect (hopefully Safari 3 will gone gold together with the Leopard, OS X 10.5 which is about to release in Sep, 2007).

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