Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

Pagico January 2023 Update (UPDATEDx3)

Greetings, and Happy New Year! We hope you and your loved ones all had a wonderful and restful break! To kick the new year off, we are proud to present the first feature update of the year, the January 2023 Update for Pagico!

Update 3 on Jan 26: A newer release is now available, featuring the following improvements:

  • Added a user preference option to choose whether the Today view should show all tasks or only tasks assigned to the current user
  • Improved the support for content pasted from Outlook on Windows
  • New: Tables can now be copied and pasted into notes in Pagico
  • Fixed an issue where contact auto groups could not be deleted in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where filtering project and contact content by team users may not work as expected in certain cases
  • Fixed various UI glitches for an improved user experience
  • Fixed an issue where certain key strokes may trigger the ping sound effect on macOS
  • Fixed a few issues with date/time detection in the Natural Language Processing algorithm
  • Fixed various minor usability issues with Pagico Teams

Update 2 on Jan 11: A newer release is now available, featuring the following improvements:

  • You can now toggle the visibility of archived items in the new List View
  • You can now multi-select list items, right-click and archive / unarchive list items in bulk
  • Other minor improvements

Update on Jan 6: We just released another build that addresses two minor glitches (in regards to the new list view component) we discovered during the workshop today. Sorry for the rapid releases! But the newer build (r20230108) should work well for you.

New: Brand-New List View

Ever wanted to browse, filter and find your projects or contacts with ease? With the brand-new List View component, you can!

Here are a few things about this new List View component:

  • It’s available everywhere: project lists, contact lists, smart collections, and team content list.
  • Loads data (even large amounts of it) very quickly
  • Offers per-column easy filtering
  • Supports column reordering via drag and drop
  • Offers easy and quick sorting on any column
  • Shows extra fields that you use in the metadata panels

Here’s how this feature looks in action:

The New List View in Pagico 10

We hope you’ll like this new feature as much as we do!

Other Improvements

  • Adjusted the text color choice for category labels for better readability
  • Fixed an issue where task phrases processed through the NLP algorithm may accidentally result in the task title saved in lower case
  • Improved usability with various UI adjustments
  • Improved data entry experience with the metadata fields

Getting the Update

Please head over to the Downloads Section to grab this newer version. Don’t have an active software update service plan, or just own an older version of Pagico? No worries, you are invited to download and run the latest Pagico in trial mode to try for free.