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Pagico October 2022 Update (UPDATEDx2)

Greetings everyone! Today we are excited to announce the October 2022 Update for Pagico. In this release, we are introducing a redesigned day planning view “The Today View”, along with a slew of improvements. With these enhancements, getting work done in Pagico is guaranteed to be more pleasant than ever.

The Redesigned Day Planning View

Personalizing the new Today view

The Today view has been completely redesigned to let you not only focus on the current day, but also do so in an enjoyable environment.

You can select from a collection of awesome backgrounds, or supply your own! Pagico will automatically detect the image’s brightness and render your content in the correct shade.

With personalized background, your database lock screen will also look more awesome than ever.

Besides the personalizable background, the redesigned Today view also brings a lot of additional super powers! For instance, the order of your custom-arranged tasks for the next day will be preserved when you get there, making it easy to do task pre-plannings. In addition, your Today/Tomorrow task arrangements are synced across your computers automatically over the cloud.

UI Simplification

Many parts of the Pagico UI has been simplified to give you more space, more of your content, and less unnecessary complexity. For example, the create-new actions and template actions on the Dashboard have been removed, so you’ll have more space for your pinned items. To access the create-new and template actions, simply use the improved universal add-new button, like this:

The add-new button is more powerful and easier to use, especially when the sidebar is minimized.

Other Minor Improvements

  • New in r20221006: You can now drag to adjust the width of the Today view task list area
  • New in r20221005: Fixed an issue where project/contact labels in the Today view may be rendered incorrectly in some cases
  • New in r20221005: Fixed an issue where the user’s accent color may not show through as intended when no backdrop image is selected
  • New in r20221005: Increased the width of the task list in the Today view for better usability
  • New in r20221003: Fixed an issue with the selection of your own backdrop images
  • Next scheduled task is now rendered on the database lock screen (only visible if database password is set)
  • Improved the table editing experience in notes
  • Added Myself to the task assignment submenu
  • Timeline UI improvements
  • Fixed an issue with the rendering of multiple tags
  • Fixed an issue where Pagico may freeze in certain cases
  • All texts pasted into list items are automatically stripped of formatting

Getting the Update

The update is now available to download. If you wish to manually download the update, please visit our Downloads section.

Special Notes for Ubuntu Users

The official Ubuntu release is still for Ubuntu 21.04. If you’re on Ubuntu 22.04 or later, please click here for the package.