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Pagico v2.3 is finally there!

Pagico logoWell guys, after weeks of busy working, this Pagico v2.3 is finally there! Comes with bunch of exciting improvements, I’m sure you want to upgrade right away (the other reason for that is because it’s a free upgrade for all existing purchased users, as always).

To get the whole new Pagico v2.3, you can just free download and try it out.

Read alone to see what’s new in this release (we’re really excited about this!).

In this release, there are several new features are introduced:

  • MobileNote (currently invite only)
  • Graphical Chart of your schedule
  • Advanced Task Editing
  • New support for international characters (such as Japanese)
  • Compact preference panel (more feature with fewer configurations? hmm…. nice 😉 )

Besides, there are bunch of improvements as well:

  • For both Mac and PC: Pagico is not going to hog your entire screen any more (hooray!)
  • Better time and date format handling
  • Fixed bugs in exporting topics
  • Better support for slideshows
  • UI element enhancements
  • New “About message” (try clicking on the little “version number” link at the bottom of your screen?)
  • Better support for importing multiple files
  • Slightly improved the UI layout in activity and task lists (easier to read!)
  • “Save as” feature for images in topics
  • More consistent control interface for segments in topics
  • Max length of activities in contact profiles increased
  • Fixed bugs in cleaning and deleting topics
  • Fixed bugs related to the popup calendar in contact profiles
  • Fixed a bug that related contacts will not show up in a blank topic
  • Fixed improper layouts of tags in “folders”
  • Fixed the doubled line space with WYSIWYG editor
  • Fixed the overlap issue for long tags in TagExplore feature
  • Fixed a bug in algorithm of TagExplore feature
  • Fixed layout bug for editing image description using Pagico (beta) program

This is a very cool feature: it actually lets you write notes with whatever you’ve got: from your cellphone to any public computers around you, and all those notes are saved to your Pagico in your own computer! So, students won’t have to carry their lovely laptop everywhere for taking class notes; others can just sit in a StarBuck, write down their inspirations and save them right into their own computer at home.

Whenever you’re back home (or office), you can take your time to arrange all those notes and insert them to relevant topics, or contacts.

So, this is not just a feature, but a service in the background. Don’t worry — we are providing this service for free!

More info about MobileNote, please visit the MobileNote webpage.

Graphical Chart of your schedule
New! Chart view of your schedule!

Well, I think no more description is needed here — just grab a copy of Pagico v2.3 and try it yourself!

Advanced Task Editing
Just because we’ve introduced a whole new way of browsing your schedules, it’s time to bring something new for arranging your schedules (i.e. to-do lists). You can set up due dates for tasks, that’s sufficient (and easy to use!) in most cases. But, in some cases you want to set up a big task that could last for several days (or even longer).

So, in v2.3, you’ll be able to set up “Start Date” for tasks in your topics and contact profiles. Together with the brand new graphical chart feature of your schedule, you can really take advantage of this feature to arrange your tasks.

This feature is not enabled by default, because not everyone needs it.
So, to activate it, you need to go to “Preferences” panel, and check the option.

New support for international characters
We’ve implemented a new method to display international characters in Pagico. In this v2.3, we’ve just added modifications for Japanese (this example) and Chinese.

Users especially from Windows will notice the difference: much better fonts, and sizes, etc.

For both Mac and PC: Pagico is not going to hog your entire screen any more (hooray!)
Pagico window is going to take 1024 px width and all the available height from your screen. No more. In previous version Pagico tends to occupy the entire screen by default, which is very inconvenient for users (as we’ve heard about this several times).

So, now this annoying problem is gone for ever.

Some windows users may ask: I really wanted Pagico to occupy my entire screen!
But our question is: why would you want that? Because Pagico is not going to take the advantage of any extra space wider than 1024 pixels.
Therefore, we save your space as much as we can.

Better time and date format handling
First of all, in this release the date format problem is fixed — you’ll have consistent date format in Tasks from both topics and contact profiles.

Besides, you can set dates with specific times like “next monday 8:00”. Usually the “8:00” will be omitted in previous versions.

New “About message”
To celebrate our brand new v2.3, we even added a new “About Pagico” window.

All right, I’m not sure how many of you will read such a long post and still not sleeping. 😉 But anyway, I’m really excited about this new release.

As always, any comment is welcomed, and I’m glad to hear from you.

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