Pagico 7 Release Notes Updates

Pagico v5.2 r1236 is now available for Mac and Windows

Dear all,

While our last update was merely just a week ago, we do have something new (and better) for you! It’s the Pagico v5.2 r1235 r1236, which brings a small number of minor improvements along with bug fixes.

What’s new in r1236?

  • Workspace sync now includes container level links (e.g. project-to-project, project-to-contact, etc)
  • Workspace Auto-Join feature based on Pagico ID (please see notes below)
  • Fixed that white-on-green color choice in dashboard flowchart
  • Fix an issue that might cause issues with company names in contact profiles
  • Fix a bug that files are being imported as text links (affects Mac only)

Known Issue in r1236

  • Starting from r1232, the project export feature is broken by one of our recent improvements (have you noticed the super fast database loading process? yeah that’s the one). We are aware of this issue and we are working on it to restore this functionality as quickly as we can.

About the new Workspace Auto-Join Feature

Starting from this revision, you can now join all the workspaces you created under your Pagico ID account with just one click. This feature is particularly useful if you’re starting a new database on a different computer, or if you purchased P+ and trying to join the workspace on your computer. No longer do you need to invite yourself — just head over to the Preferences section, log in with your Pagico ID, and click on the Auto-Join to let Pagico take care of the rest. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


Ok, this is it. Simply head over to the Download Section to grab the update. The long-waited Ubuntu package is on the way as well.