Pagico 7 Release Notes Updates

Pagico v5.2 r1242 is now available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu (UPDATEx1)

Dear all,

Today I’m excited to let you know that a new release for Pagico v5.2 is now available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu. This revision brings a number of improvements and bug fixes, and therefore is recommended for all users to upgrade.

What’s new in Pagico v5.2 r1242

  • Greatly improved the performance of content loading, especially with large projects and/or contact profiles
  • Workspace owners can now remove objects created by others (can only do so in the Workspaces view)
  • Greatly improved the performance of Expand-All and Fold-All actions
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause data loss when creating database in certain location on Mac
  • Fixed an issue that archived items did not appear correctly as linked items
  • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations


Similarly, upgrading to this new version is very easy. Simply head over to the Download Section and grab it. There’s no need to uninstall early versions prior to the update. As always, be sure to have backups of your databases before upgrading.

UPDATEx1: Pagico v5.2 r1242 is now also available for Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit and 64-bit! The Ubuntu package has finally caught up to the latest build. There are still some known issues on the Ubuntu platform, including printing and file importing by drag-and-drop. While we’re working to restore the print feature, we do want you to know that for now you can import files by dragging and dropping onto the Pagico icon in the dock area.