Pagico 7 Release Notes Updates

Pagico v5.3 r1267 is now available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu – UPDATEDx4

Dear all,

Today I’m excited to let you know another update to Pagico v5.3 (r1257 r1259 r1263 r1267), addressing a number of minor issues as well as bringing a few improvements. Here’s what’s new:

  • Corrected an issue that caused duplicated items when importing email messages
  • Corrected an issue that in certain cases future tasks are not properly displayed in the dashboard flowchart
  • Prevents contradicting dates from being set (e.g. due date earlier than start date, etc)
  • Fixed an issue that the sign-in background image could not be changed
  • Corrected an issue that some data objects may be displayed in incorrect containers
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements with the contacts module
  • Minor improvements with the Mac installer
  • Optimized the data loading performance for large projects and contact profiles
  • Other minor user experience improvements
  • r1259: Fixed an issue involved in r1257 that newly created notes and lists do not show up in projects or contacts properly
  • r1259: Fixed an issue that contacts with accentuated names were not correctly listed under alphabetic groups
  • r1259: Fixed (again) the issue that email messages were imported twice
  • r1263: Further optimized the data loading process
  • r1263: Minor UI improvements
  • r1267: Further (yes, once again) optimized the data loading process. Projects and contact profiles should be snappier than ever!
  • r1267: Fixed an issue with the Print functionality
  • r1267: Fixed a few translation-related issues
  • r1267: Better support for file sharing URLs on Windows
  • r1267: Pagico for PC is now also available in Spanish!

Update 4: Pagico v5.3 r1267 is now also available for Ubuntu, restoring the Print capability.

Upgrading is as simple as usual: just grab the update from the Download Section and install! There’s no need to uninstall the existing version prior to the update.