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Sample: Managing Private Students

If your business involves teaching individual students, then you would always face the challenge of tracking the progress of each student and getting up-to-speed efficiently before each lesson. When competitions or performances come up, you also need to manage student-specific todo lists. This puts a lot of demand on the instructor, especially with larger number of students. This is what a private piano student’s profile may look like in Pagico.

For a private student, the most typical content is the long-term lessons section. The instructor usually has a list of repertoires for the student to work on. Create a list and store all these repertoires. This not only relieves the demand on your memory, it also allows you to check things off as the student moves forward. For example, when assigning the learning of a new piece, assign a due date. When the student is done with the repertoire, mark the item as complete. Pagico will automatically record when the item was marked as completed, so you can review the progress of the student whenever you need.

Managing Events

If the student is about to enter competitions or performances, then create a new heading for the event. Each competition has a set of time-sensitive tasks to complete, so create a list and store all these tasks into the todo. If a certain task contains multiple subtasks, you can create indented list items. By having this task structure, you not only get to see things more clearly, you can also turn the whole list into a nice pipeline view, further simplifying the representation.

Sharing with Parents

Do you have the need to share the progress (and perhaps the todos as well) with the parents? If so, use the Public Share feature to loop in parents with ease. By entering the parent’s email address, a read-only version of the student profile will become available to them, keeping them on top of the student’s progress and important deadlines.