Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

New to Pagico in July 2024: Better Templates and Improved User Experience

Happy July everybody! Today we are excited to announce the availability of the July 2024 Edition of Pagico! In this new release, more templates are included and the use of templates is drastically easier as well! In addition, a slew of user experience improvements have been implemented to make Pagico easier to use than before.

New and Improved Templates

New templates have been added, and the use of templates is now easier than ever, thanks to the integration into the new-project and new-contact user interfaces. Now you can easily generate new meeting notes, event planners, travel planners, all the way to the management and tracking of students and clients.

The management of templates is also improved as well, making it easy to see and manage a large number of custom templates.

Various User Experience Improvements

A number of issues have been addressed to improve the overall user experience. For example, the selection of containers (for building search queries and smart lists) now takes advantage of a better picker so that selecting a project or a sub-tab is easier than ever.

In addition, a number of performance optimizations have been implemented to make Pagico respond faster and feel snappier than ever. Container duplications and template export/import are more reliable, and a lot more!

Getting the Update

Please head to the Downloads section to grab this update. If you have an active service plan, then this update is free for you! Otherwise, please consider purchasing the Personal Premium service plan to not only get this update, but also future updates for a whole year! If you’re undecided, please download and choose the Free Trial mode to check it out before making your decisions.