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  • Web Widgets: Embed Random Quotes, Weather and Pomodoro Timers in Pagico
    With the new Web Widget feature introduced in the May 2024 edition of Pagico, you can now extend Pagico’s functionality to a whole new level. This guide talks about how to embed random quotes, weather info, and Pomodoro Timers right into your projects or contacts in Pagico. Let’s dive in! Web Widgets Overview Starting with […]
  • The Essential Beginner’s Guide to Pagico
    Are you new to Pagico? If so, then definitely checkout this 15-minute video tutorial, which can bring you up to speed with Pagico as your productivity system right away!
  • Pagico Workshop 3: Project Mgmt Strategies, Web Widgets, Automated Workflows, and More!
    Update on May 22: We did it! The 3rd Pagico Workshop was a success! The replay is available below. Update on May 24: The winners of the license giveaway have been notified. Congratulations to the following participants for winning free Pagico licenses!
  • Video Tutorial: Manage Projects Better with Content Tabs
    Check out how you can use the content tabs feature to manage project data better.
  • Succeed in College: Manage Your Courses and Research with Pagico
  • Visualize long todo lists as pipelines
    Long term projects have long todo lists, which are not only tedious, but also hard to visualize progress. Turning them into pipelines so you can have a clear sense of stages and progress with a single glance. Try doing this in Pagico today and see the amazing progress you make.
  • Grouping Projects Automatically
    We all have many projects, and finding a specific project could become challenging. Why not take advantage of the Auto Grouping feature in Pagico, so you can easily browse all your projects with just a few clicks?
  • Pagico Workshop 2: Pagico as your CRM (Replay Available)
    Update on Jan 6: The workshop 2 has concluded successfully! Thank you again to everyone who attended it. If you missed it, please watch the replay. We hope you’ll enjoy! Greetings and happy new year! Back in October of 2022, we held our very first Pagico Workshop on managing personal tasks and projects. It was […]
  • Pagico Workshop 1: Project and Task Management (Replay Available)
    Update: The workshop has concluded. Thank you to everyone who attended it! To view the replay, please click here. A few weeks ago, we sent out an email asking all of our customers about the possibility of an online workshop on getting the most out of Pagico. Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response, we are […]
  • 5 Pagico Features to Boost Productivity Instantly
    A lot has changed in Pagico 10 was initially released back in September of 2021. Instead of releasing point updates such as 10.1, 10.2, and eventually holding significant features back for a major (paid) upgrade like v11, we switched to a perpetual update model where new features and improvements are implemented continuously over the months. […]
  • Productivity Tip: Wikilink your projects
    Did you know you can write wikilinks anywhere in your Pagico database? For example, when writing a note that should be linked with another project or contact, just use the square bracket syntax and type of the title of another project (or name of a contact), and you’re all set! Learn more about this technique […]
  • Video: 8 Pagico Tips & Tricks to Instantly Boost Your Productivity
    Check out latest video tutorial on how to instantly speed up your daily project and task management experience:
  • Manage projects easier with the new Kanban board in Pagico
    The new Kanban project manager just rolled out a few days ago. If you haven’t tried it yet, download Pagico and give it a spin! This article will highlight a few details that will help you get onboard with this new feature. It’s in the Projects section The most direct way to use the new […]
  • Video Tutorial: Linking Everything
    Check out this tutorial to see how easy it is to link your projects, contacts, lists, notes and files in Pagico 10.
  • Video Tutorial: Creating and using Templates
    Do you deal with recurring content a lot? Such as a single structure shared among your projects or clients? If so, you’ll love the new Templates feature in Pagico 10. Check out the video tutorial below. Get Pagico 10 You can download and try Pagico 10 for free for 2 weeks!
  • Creating Custom Dashboards For Your Projects
    Multitasking is hard; but managing complex projects or running your business usually has numerous aspects that all demand your attention. Wouldn’t it be great if you could aggregate all these information into one view so you can stay on top with ease? This article shows you how to create your own custom dashboards for your […]