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Preview #2: Pagico 7 works with Evernote, Google Cal, and THOUSANDS more!

Zapier App Directory

Do you use any of these apps? Would you like Pagico to work with any of them and exchange data? Well, Pagico 7 can easily connect to all of these apps. And thousands more!


In case you didn’t know — Zapier is an awesome service that creates automation across applications. Similar to IFTTT, Zapier allows you to connect one app to another. For instance, you can turn newly received email messages into Evernote notes, or convert a Google Calendar event into email invitations to your colleagues, etc. It is a really cool concept, and users can come up with amazing automations that saves considerable amount of time.

And now, Pagico 7 now has this superpower as well. You can combine Pagico with literally any app and it will just work. The sky is the limit! To give you some ideas how this would work, here are a few Zaps that we’ve been playing with:

  • New Tasks in Pagico Inbox -> Google Calendar Events
  • New Google Calendar Events -> New Tasks in Pagico Inbox (or any project/contact in your workspace)
  • New Evernote Notes (that match certain keywords) -> New Notes in Pagico Inbox (or any project/contact in your workspace)
  • New Comments in Pagico -> AIM notification (or email notification)
  • New Tasks (matching certain keyword) in a Pagico Workspace -> Email notification to a desired recipient
  • Tasks Assigned to Me (via inline link) in Pagico -> Email notification or Google Calendar Events
  • New Email (matching certain keyword) -> New Note in Pagico Inbox (or any project/contact in your workspace)
  • … and a lot more!

Zapier Integration in Pagico 7

And of course, you can customize the connection any way you like. You can configure to only trigger the automation if the incoming event matches certain keywords, and you can choose precisely where the incoming data will be saved in Pagico. It could be your Pagico Inbox, or any specific project (or contact) in your workspace. It’s really amazing.

Want early access?

We are looking for beta testers! If you’re interested in trying out Pagico 7 and its Zapier support before everyone else, please let us know! In return, we’ll get you a copy of Pagico 7 for free! But please hurry, we’re only looking for 10 beta testers at the moment. Email us or send us a Tweet now!