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Pagico 7.4 has arrived on Ubuntu

Pagico 7.4 has finally arrived on Ubuntu. Bringing numerous feature improvements and bug fixes, this is definitely the best organizer app you can get for your Ubuntu machine. Grab the update today!.

Pagico 7.4 is also available on OS X and Windows.

Pagico 7.3 (r1832) brings a brand-new Today view to optimize your workflow

As you know, we are obsessed with making improvements to Pagico so that it can make your life easier and more pleasant. And I think we achieved this goal with the latest Pagico 7.3. Carrying lots of minor improvements, v7.3 has a new feature that can significantly optimize your workflow.

Named the Today view, this feature is designed to:

  • help you focus on your current day
  • let you quickly and easily review your plans
  • let you make new tasks & reschedule on-the-fly
  • let you get more done, reduce the number of overdue tasks, and make you feel awesome.

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Amazing Pagico features to instantly boost your productivity

Pagico is a unique program that seamlessly combines data management and task planning. It has lots of versatile features that can fit into your workflow, and knowing how to efficiently use them will make a difference on your productivity. Here are a few tips to let you take full advantage of the smart features in Pagico, and instantly be more productive.

Create tasks & notes quickly using Alfred on Mac

Alfred is an amazing productivity tool. In case you didn’t know — Alfred lets you to quickly launch any application (or open any document) by typing just a few keywords. It’s on all our machines and we can’t imagine living without it. Now, Alfred 2 comes with a brand new feature called Workflows, which are extensions that can be developed to perform a wide range of tasks. We loved this new capability so much, that we came up with our own extension for Pagico.

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Zapier: “Pagico is powerful, flexible and smart”

Pagico is powerful enough to be a GTD app, flexible enough to be your team’s collaboration solution, and smart enough to recognize what you’ve typed and when you need to do stuff. If you’re looking for a new way to manage everything you need to do on your desktop, it’s definitely worth giving a try.

— Matthew Guay at Zapier

Read the full article on Zapier.

Pagico 7 for Ubuntu (14.04+) is now available

Just a quick word that Pagico 7 for (64-bit) Ubuntu is now available! Ubuntu folks, please head over to the Download Section and grab it!

With this, we are excited to announce that Pagico 7 is now officially on all the major platforms: OS X, Windows and Ubuntu.

Pagico 7: Connect your projects to hundreds of apps with Zapier

As you know, the Zapier integration is one of the highlights of Pagico 7. Our good friend Matthew Guay at Zapier put together a short article on this, and it’s a wonderful read!

In short, here’s some great ways to get started with Pagico’s Zapier integration:

We know that a lot of our users have started exploring the possibilities with Zapier. We’ll publish a number of help docs to help ease the learning curve. Expect to see those articles to pop up in the next few days.

In the mean time, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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