Pagico 7 Release Notes

Pagico 7.7 brings better file sync, public share, snooze options and more (Updated)

We’ve just released Pagico 7.7 (r1931 r1933). This is a FREE update to all v7 users, and it¬†brings better file sync, improved public share, snooze options and more. Update: It’s 7.7 r1933 now, because apparently a week in Ryo’s calendar has 8 days, which was reflected by one of the new snooze options. We’ve fixed […]

Pagico Pagico 7 zapier

Preview #2: Pagico 7 works with Evernote, Google Cal, and THOUSANDS more!

Do you use any of these apps? Would you like Pagico to work with any of them and exchange data? Well, Pagico 7 can easily connect to all of these apps. And thousands more!

Pagico Pagico 7 Updates

Preview #1: Pagico 7 will make you more productive than ever

Pagico 7 is coming on May 5 2015, and it’s going to be an extremely exciting update. It will be the best product we have ever developed, and it is packed with new designs and improvements to help you be more productive than ever. With the redesigned¬†user interface, Pagico 7 is quite pleasant to look […]

Pagico Pagico 7

Coming on May 5: A Major Step Forward for Pagico