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Another image of the upcoming v2.3

As we’re busy testing and sorting out any bugs in the upcoming v2.3, I’d like to cover more details about the new “chart” feature for your schedule (tasks).

Here’s a much bigger image than the one on the front page…

The new Schedule Chart feature in Pagico v2.3

As you can see from the image, you can get a very clear view of what’s going on and what’s left in the past and the upcoming week.

A few details about it:

  • It has no configurations at all. So don’t worry about learning anything.
  • Pagico automatically assigns color to your tasks with different status: Red for “overdue”, orange for “about to due”, blue for “normal”, grey for “not started”, and a vivid green for “just got started” with full of hope.
  • All tasks are listed in groups, and clicking on them will bring you to the corresponding topic / or contact.

Especially for this new feature, we’ve designed a new field for your tasks called “Start date”. So you will be able to manage tasks that lasts for several days.

This is totally a hassle-free feature, and I hope you guys will like it. 😉

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