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Pagico 2.3 is right around the corner …!

Improved navigation bar, Pagico

In just a few days Pagico 2.3 will be out, with great innovative features that might make you want to upgrade right away (hopefully).

There will be a new interface for the top menu bar —- which you might already have seen it in my previous post. However, we’ve decided to remove this new interface for a while until Leopard comes out. One reason for that is that Leopard is not there yet, and the new skin will be odd enough for macs that doesn’t have Uno installed. The other reason is that the new skin doesn’t looked “that” good compared to the original.

So, we’ve make a little effort to make the original skin looked even better.

Besides the interface improvement, there are several exciting features in this release, too: the MobileNote feature that allows you to take notes wherever you are, whatever device; a breaking new graphical calendar (no, this is not the one you’re familiar with, trust me) that allows you to see your schedule in a very intuitive way as well as many other important improvements.

Although these 2 features made Pagico even cooler, this is still a FREE UPGRADE for all existing purchased users.

More details will be covered later.

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