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The 4th of July Sale: Save 30% on Pagico Apps

This weekend only, you can save 30% on all Pagico apps, including Pagico 7 for your computer, and Pagico Plus for your mobile devices. Visit the Store and get the savings!

This promotional offer ends on Monday, July 6th 2015.

Happy Thanksgiving! Get 40%-OFF on Pagico apps from Nov 24 to Dec 1

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you been trying out Pagico and thinking about getting your hands on it? Then don’t miss our Thanksgiving promotion and save up to 40% on Pagico apps. It’s a great opportunity to jump on board and get all your stuff organized!

This special discount applies to Pagico for Desktop 6 (Free Trial / Purchase) and Pagico Plus for Android (on Google Play). Pagico Plus 3 for iOS is in final testing stage and will unfortunately miss this promotion. But don’t worry: Pagico Plus 3 for iOS is coming very soon and is currently scheduled to launch on December 2 (with an introductory discount as well).

Pagico productivity suite for your computers, iOS & Android devices.

This promotion runs from November 24 to December 1 (Cyber Monday).

Pagico Plus 3 for iOS delayed until Nov 4, BETA testers wanted!

About the delay

We are sorry to inform you that the launch date of Pagico Plus 3 for iOS has been pushed to November 4th, 2014. A number of factors were contributing to this delay. Part of it is that we wanted to take the time to make sure the app comes out with a satisfactory user experience, and part of it is because Apple’s iOS app review time has skyrocketed to over 10 days. In any event, we just wanted to let you know about the slight change of plan.

Beta testers wanted!

In the mean time, would you be interested in testing the iOS app with us, and getting access to Pagico Plus before everyone else? We have a limited number of beta tester slots available, so please send us an email if you’re interested! We’ll need the usual bits of information: Your name, and the UDID of your device. For your convenience, here’s a handy tutorial on how to locate the UDID of your iPhone / iPad.

Pagico Plus 3 for iOS is launching soon

Greetings, everyone! Today we’re excited to let you know that Pagico Plus 3 for iOS is coming soon. Bringing numerous key improvements, Pagico Plus 3 is going to make you more productive than ever, right on your iOS devices. Read on to learn more about the exciting improvements!

Pagico Plus 3 for iOS is coming on Oct 25

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Small and Mid-Size Team Workspaces are Now Better Than Ever

Small & Mid-Size Team Workspace owners rejoice! We have some great news to share with you today.

As part of our server upgrade a few days ago, we are now raising the participant capacity for Small and Mid-Size Team workspaces to 16 and 32 participants, respectively. That means you may not need to go for the larger workspace option just because your team uses a few more devices/computers. In addition, we also completely removed the participant limit on the Large Team workspace, which now supports unlimited participants. And yes, we’re making these changes without raising the workspace cost.

The best part? All your existing workspaces will take advantage of this change automatically at no cost to you! So just perform another sync cycle and you’ll be able to see the lifted participant capacity. Now you can bring more people to your workspace without increasing your budget. Now how about that?

Thank you all again for choosing Pagico, and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

Scheduled Maintenance for US. East Coast Workspace Server on Sep 19

First of all, thank you very much for choosing Pagico! Our workspaces are extremely popular and its usage has been steadily increasing in the past few months. Therefore, we are scheduling a maintenance work on the East Coast server on September 19th starting at 5PM Eastern Standard Time. The workspace server will go down during the maintenance, and will be back online in less than an hour. Read More

Pagico’s Anniversary Sale (Update: Ended)

Just a quick note that our 7th Anniversary Sale, in which all Pagico apps are heavily discounted (up to 45%-off), is ending on July 27th (less than 48 hours left at the time of writing) TODAY. So if you’ve been thinking about getting Pagico apps on your computers and mobile devices, don’t miss out! You can head to the Store to check out the discounts.

Update: The anniversary sale has ended.

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