Pagico 9 & 10

Special Notice for Ubuntu Users

If you use Pagico on Ubuntu, please note that the current outgoing version of Pagico is compatible with Ubuntu 19.xx, 20.xx, 21.xx but not compatible with 22.04 yet. This is because Ubuntu 22.04 introduces a number of breaking changes that require a newly compiled version of Pagico.

We have compiled and created a version of Pagico for Ubuntu 22.04, but due to the breaking changes in the OS, this newer version of Pagico isn’t backward compatible with Ubuntu 20.xx and 21.xx.

So if you plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 soon or have already done so, please email us at support at pagico dot com and we’ll provide you the link to this newer version.

We are working on a more elegant way to handle this situation, so please stay tuned. Thank you all very much for your patience and understanding!

Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

Pagico 10 July Update

Hi all, we hope your summer is going well! Today we are making a small release that addresses a few underline issues that negatively affect user experience. Update: A new release was made on July 27, 2022 addressing a few additional issues.

Bug Fixes

  • New in r20220728: Fixed an issue where manual order of list may not be saved correctly in certain cases
  • New in r20220727: Improved the stability when moving data objects across containers
  • New in r20220727: Fixed an issue where the second column of the Today view may not show up on Surface Studio Pro systems
  • New in r20220727: Promoted the visibility of the Calendar Connection option in the Preferences section
  • Fixed an issue where assigning a category to an individual list item may end up assigning the category to the whole list in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the Dashboard may not render correctly due to an issue with the Myself contact in teams
  • Fixed an issue where the filter-by-tags feature in project list views may not work in certain cases

Getting the Update

Please visit our Download section to get the update. Thank you all for choosing Pagico, and have a great summer!

Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

Pagico 10 June Update: Improved Kanban Board and Better Print

This month, we focused primarily on improving the user experience with the recently-introduced Kanban project browser. Now you can create new project categories right in the Kanban board with just a few clicks. We also improved the printing capability slightly, so when you’re printing the dashboard calendar or timeline, the print view will no longer include the Pinned Items and Quick Actions section.

The June release also included a few under-the-hood bug fixes to improve the overall stability of Pagico, including:

  • Fixed an issue where bulk actions on list items may not be rendered correctly even though the changes are indeed saved
  • Adjusted the default value for the option Auto-Archive for Tasks to Off to reduce confusion (note: this only affects new users)
  • The following are new on June 21:
  • Fixed an issue where the email property in contacts may not be rendered as expected in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where certain hyper links couldn’t be opened by clicking in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where individual tasks may appear to be listed under a different list in timeline views
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a contact may not cause the tab bar to re-render with the new name
  • Added week numbers to the timeline view

Getting the Update

Please head over to the Downloads section to grab this update.

Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

Pagico 10 May Update: Metadata for Projects and More!

Greetings everyone! We are excited to announce the 2022 May update of Pagico 10. In this version, we implemented a new metadata panel for both projects, unified the sidebar design across projects and contacts, and a slew of feature improvements that enhance your user experience.

Metadata for Projects

You can now put in metadata for projects in the form of key-value pairs. For instance, for a home renovation project, you can define the following properties:

Budget: $20,000
Contractor: John Smith
Cell: 123-4567890

You can use any type key that makes sense to you, and Pagico will let you save any single-line text value for the metadata properties.

Browse Projects by Metadata

Entering information is just one part of the equation. Once you have metadata properties configured, you can enable the “Auto-Grouping” feature on keys of interest, so Pagico can sort your projects based on the values of these keys.

Once a key has the Auto-Grouping is enabled, the key will become available under the Projects section, like this:

Unified Experience

Since not every project would involve metadata properties, the metadata panel can be collapsed to save space. This new metadata panel design is also applied to contacts, so you’ll have a consistent user experience no matter if you’re working with projects or contacts.

Improved Kanban Project Browser

The kanban project browser also received some improvements, too! You can now fold categories to so you can see more categories while saving space.

Use the new kanban project browser in Pagico 10 to manage your projects and workflow efficiently

Other User Experience Improvements

  • You can now add projects (or contacts) to collections using the container-level menu command
  • The Copy-to/Move-to menu command now shows both starred items and recent items as destination shortcuts
  • Better blank-state onboarding designs


The Pagico 10 May Update is a free update to all with an active software update coverage. If your Pagico service has already expired, you can try the new version using the Free Trial option, or purchase a service plan if you like to keep the update (and to support the continuous development of Pagico).

Pagico 10 is compatible with the following platforms:

  • macOS 10.12 – macOS 12 Monterey, with native Intel and M1 support
  • Windows 7 or later, both 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Ubuntu 19.04 or later*, 64-bit only.
    • * Not compatible with Ubuntu 22.04 yet. We are working on this.

You can download the update from our Downloads section.

Pagico 9 & 10 Tutorials

Manage projects easier with the new Kanban board in Pagico

The new Kanban project manager just rolled out a few days ago. If you haven’t tried it yet, download Pagico and give it a spin! This article will highlight a few details that will help you get onboard with this new feature.

It’s in the Projects section

The most direct way to use the new project board is by switching to the Projects section from the sidebar.

This view shows 30 of your recently accessed projects. In addition to seeing the projects in the traditional list view, the projects will also be listed under their categories.

Assigning/Changing Categories

You can assign projects to categories by simply dragging and dropping the icon of the projects. For example, if you dragged and dropped a project into a category “Completed”, then this project will now be assigned to the “Completed” category and will carry the category color property.

Want to show/hide categories with more control? Click on the “Customize” button near the right side to configure which categories are visible.

Arranging and Hiding Categories

Most of us don’t need to see all our categories here in this view. Some categories probably don’t make sense to show up here any way. To hide certain categories from this kanban board, simply hover your mouse over the said category, then click on the “X” mark near the top right corner of the column.

Hiding a category does not delete it; instead it just hides the category from the kanban view, reducing visual clutter.

You can also arrange the horizontal sequence of categories by dragging and dropping the 6-dot icon near the top left corner of a category column. With this feature, you can custom define your ideal category sequence to maximize your efficiency and productivity.

More than just one board

Do you like the kanban-style project browser? Do you wish to use it in a mega-project scope or in a team instead? You can! All collections and teams have the kanban-style project browser. Simply try creating a static collection, then add a few small project to it to form a mega project. Use the kanban-style project browser to manage workflow with ease.

Each team and collection has their own customizable kanban-style project browser!
The kanban-style project browser in a team

The best part? Each of these boards are individually customizable, so you can choose to see only the categories you need.

That’s it for now! We hope you’ll like this feature as much as we do. Let us know how you used the kanban-style project browser, or how we can further improve our designs.

If you are new to Pagico, or own an older Pagico license, you can download and try Pagico 10 for free for 2 weeks.

Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes Pagico 9 & 10

April Update: Kanban-Style Boards and Custom Icons

Greetings! As you know, we continuously develop Pagico to include new features and bug fixes. For April of 2022, we have exciting new features to further boost your productivity:

Kanban-Style Project Browser

We created a Kanban-style project browser that allows you to easily see projects by categories, and set categories via drag-and-drop. This browser can be accessed by clicking on the “Projects” item from the sidebar. What’s also new here, is that this view will now only show you the most recent 30 projects and their categories.

With this project browser, it makes it easy to oversee projects across workflow phases, such as “Active”, “Completed”, and perhaps “Behind”. Then, you can see your projects listed under the respective “bins”, and move them across bins by simply drag and drop.

To maximize flexibility, the kanban-style project browser is not only available for you to browse all your projects, but also in collections and teams! This makes it easier for you to group multiple projects together into “mega” projects and use the kanban browser to manage projects in that scope.

The new Kanban-style project browser in Pagico 10

Custom Project Icons

Previously, all projects are treated the same — they all have the same “document” icon. With this newer version, you get to select new icons for your projects!

Simply go to a project, then click on the “Icon” button to make your selection.

Under-the-hood Improvements

  • New in r20220416: Fixed an issue where the category assignment for list items may not save as expected in certain cases
  • New in r20220416: Fixed an issue where inline links may be rendered repeatedly on certain systems
  • Fixed an issue where the content list view in Teams may repeatedly refresh
  • Fixed an issue where the Teams -> Activity Feed may render changes incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where renaming projects may not trigger the correct cache update process
  • Fixed an issue here project category assignments could not be cleared in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where the collections sidebar list may not refresh as expected when new collections are added
  • Fixed an issue where moving a list some times may trigger the “unable to convert to plaintext” error
  • Fixed an issue where multiple inline links in the same data object may cause rendering issues
  • Fixed an issue where an at-capacity team may prevent data sync even if the sync capacity has been increased
  • Fixed an issue where the date labels for task groups on timeline views may be rendered incorrectly
  • Other minor UI issues

Getting the Update

To get the update, simply visit our Download Section.

Special Thanks

We want to give a special shout-out for our beta testers. This April update spent a month in beta mode, tested by hundreds of volunteers during March. Many testers provided critical feedback to help us make Pagico as good as it can be. Further, we’d like to give special thanks to super contributors below, who worked with us closely throughout the beta program to iron out kinks in our software (names ordered by last names):

  • Rene Andritsch
  • Guillaume Barrette
  • Hakan Bayindir
  • Steven Brown
  • John Cesta
  • Paul Freathy
  • Steven Helwig
  • Scott Sturgis
  • Jonathan Mead
  • Phil Wild
Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

New: Enhanced Smart Collection Rendering (Updated)

Updated on March 1, 2022: Pagico 10 r20220301 has just been released to address a list item saving issue that was introduced in the r20220229 build. All users currently on the r20220229 build are highly recommended to update to the newer version to avoid data loss.

Smart collection users rejoice! Today we pushed out a new release that includes an enhanced rendering of lists and list items in smart collections.

Starting from the new Pagico 10 r20220218, matching lists are now rendered with a preview stat section on the right, with list items rendered in a nested fashion. This makes it easy for you to see the overall completion status of entire lists, as well as individual ones.

The list completion status display

We’ve also improved the way smart search works. Previously, all list items in a list whose title matched search criteria will be returned as individual items. This may not be the wanted result as your search results contained many items that are seemingly not related to your search parameter. So from now on, lists with titles matching the search criteria will be only returned as lists. This ensures the relevancy of the search results. Coupled with the nested display of list items for those matching lists, the smart collections should produce much more usable results than before, and we hope you like it as much as we do!

Thank you all again for choosing Pagico and providing feedback! We appreciate it very much.

Other Changes

  • New in r20220229: Fixed several issues that may cause data rendering issues if certain control characters are incorrectly included in task titles or descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar widgets some times may be rendered as blank
  • Fixed an issue where the colors of certain tabs may be rendered incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue in the ability to import templates and packages in Pagico on Windows