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Pagico 8 now has an awesome video tutorial by ScreenCastsOnline

We are delighted to let you know that ScreenCastsOnline has published an extensive video tutorial on Pagico 8. This is an incredible, 60-minute in-depth tutorial (!!!) that covers literally everything that Pagico 8 has to offer. Ranging from high-level feature overviews all the way down to keyboard shortcuts, various ways to get things done, and tips to speed up your workflow.

ScreenCastsOnline is a highly respected video tutorial service that has been around for over 11 years and has produced hundreds of high quality video tutorials. For this particular episode on Pagico 8, you can purchase it individually, or sign up for a ScreenCastsOnline membership to get access to all of their tutorial resources. The video tutorial is also available in their monthly magazine on the iTunes AppStore. You can sign up for a free trial for the magazine to access the full-length Pagico 8 tutorial at no cost, and decide whether or not to keep the subscription later.

We are extremely impressed by the quality and details that this video tutorial offers. You should absolutely check it out. Kudos to SCO and Don for the awesome work!


New Video Tutorial: Interlinking Everything in Pagico 4

This is the last episode of the video tutorial series, covering many ways to create interlinks in Pagico 4, including creating links among topics / profiles, and links pointing to objects such as lists, notes and files. It is highly recommend to seasoned Pagico users. Hope you’ll enjoy! Read More

New Video Tutorial: Contact Management in Pagico 4

This is the 4th episode of the video tutorial series, covering some unique features for contact management in Pagico 4, including the contact profile, Auto-Grouping, Sort-By-Importance, and importing email messages. Hope you’ll enjoy! 😉 Read More

New Video Tutorial: Resource Management in Pagico 4

The 3rd episode of the video tutorial series. This time, it covers several important features that will greatly help you in managing resources (projects, events, etc). Hope you’ll enjoy! Read More

New Video Tutorial: Task Management in Pagico 4

Greetings all, here’s another video tutorial (2nd in the series) that covers the many ways to manage and keep track of your tasks in Pagico 4. Hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂 Read More

New Video Tutorial: Pagico 4 Overview

Just wanted to let you guys know that we’ve recently started to make a series of video tutorials. Here’s the first one: Pagico 4 Overview, which is a 6-minute video that’s prepared for those who want to have some brief idea about what Pagico can do. And, it also features some new elements that are only available in the upcoming v4.2 release. Read More

The new Help website for Pagico is now online!

Hey folks,
Now we’re excited to let you know that the new Online Help website which is dedicated to providing help, tips and tutorials for Pagico users, is now online! With richer content, easier navigation system, we’re replacing the original “tutorials section” with this whole new website.

The site now contains basic instructions on a wide range of features in Pagico. However, it is still in beta stage, which means we’re still busy adding new stuff to it. And if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know by either way:

1) Write on the wall (there’s a “Wall” in the sidebar of the new site)
2) Leave your opinions and questions under the specific topics
3) Shoot us an email

Visit the Online Help for Pagico now!

Now the Pagico 3.2 (beta) is slightly updated, too, addressing some help-related fixes, and a minor fix on the UI of contact profiles.

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