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Video: 5 hidden features in Pagico to further optimize your workflow

Watch this 5-minute video tutorial on the hidden gems in Pagico that could potentially save you substantial amount of time:

Keyboard shortcuts of Pagico 8

Here’s that complete list of keyboard shortcuts available in Pagico 8. This list is actually taken from the upcoming Pagico 8.7 update — that means soon you’ll have access to this handy list whenever you want. Read More

Amazing Pagico features to instantly boost your productivity

Pagico is a unique program that seamlessly combines data management and task planning. It has lots of versatile features that can fit into your workflow, and knowing how to efficiently use them will make a difference on your productivity. Here are a few tips to let you take full advantage of the smart features in Pagico, and instantly be more productive.

One feature to make you more productive than ever (and avoid procrastination)

As you may have realized by now, we humans are not excellent at multitasking, and it’s all too easy to procrastinate. So, to get more done, we need to focus on what’s important, and not get distracted by things down the road. Pagico 7 has a feature designed to help you focus on the current day. It’s the newly revamped Daily Planning feature.

Daily Planning

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Tip: Auto-group your contacts with just 1 click

We all have lots of contacts, and it would be helpful to categorize them in groups. And you know what? Pagico can do this for you automatically. Read More

5 hidden yet powerful features of Pagico 7 you may not know about

Are you new to Pagico? Here are 5 hidden features that can save you tons of time. Read More

Create tasks & notes quickly using Alfred on Mac

Alfred is an amazing productivity tool. In case you didn’t know — Alfred lets you to quickly launch any application (or open any document) by typing just a few keywords. It’s on all our machines and we can’t imagine living without it. Now, Alfred 2 comes with a brand new feature called Workflows, which are extensions that can be developed to perform a wide range of tasks. We loved this new capability so much, that we came up with our own extension for Pagico.

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