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Coming Soon: Automated Workflows!

Greetings everybody! Today we have something exciting to share with you: the next version of Pagico will come with a brand new feature – Automated Workflows!

With workflows, you can let Pagico perform actions that are repetitive in nature. For example, you can create a new task in Inbox and have it automatically moved to the corresponding project/contact; or, import a new file and have it tagged and categorized; or, you can create a routine list and have Pagico automatically create the list items for you. Workflows can also be triggered manually, so you can define a filing process then invoke it on any data object of your choice, on-demand! The possibilities are truly endless!

Public Beta

As you can imagine, the new Automated Workflow feature is quite a significant improvement. So we are going to play it safe with a public beta period just to make sure we iron out all the bugs before the wider release. If you are interested participating in the beta program, please click on the button below to enroll. The beta builds will start to arrive in late April 2024. The official public release for this update is scheduled for May of 2024.

An up-to-date Pagico license is not required to participate in the beta program. Users without an up-to-date license will run the beta builds in the free trial mode.