Pagico 9 & 10

Coming Soon: Redesigned Today View

Coming soon to Pagico on your workstation: A completely redesigned Today View that lets you not only focus on the current day, but also do so in an enjoyable environment.

Personalizable Background

You can select from a collection of awesome backgrounds, or supply your own! Pagico will automatically detect the image’s brightness and render your content in the correct shade.

With personalized background, your database lock screen will also look more awesome than ever.

Enhanced Task Arrangement

Besides the personalizable background, the redesigned Today view also brings a lot of additional super powers! For instance, the order of your custom-arranged tasks for the next day will be preserved when you get there, making it easy to do task pre-plannings. In addition, your Today/Tomorrow task arrangements are synced across your computers automatically over the cloud.


This redesigned Today view is being final tested right now, and is coming to Pagico in the October 2022 update.