Introducing: Pagico Service Plans

Ever wanted to be assured of receiving software updates after your license purchase? Ever wanted to enjoy a bigger Personal Cloud data sync capacity? Or if you work in a team setting, have you ever wanted to bring in teammates to collaborate at will, or create and use unlimited workspaces in any way you want?

With the new Pagico Service Plans, you can!

Benefits of Pagico Service Plans

With various Pagico Service Plans, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Continuously receive software updates and never have to worry about paid license upgrades
  • Upgraded, 4Gb Personal Cloud data sync capacity
  • Create unlimited number of Team workspaces to support your team’s workflow at no extra cost
  • Invite teammates onboard to collaborate via Team workspaces without purchasing extra licenses

Get New Features Faster

Another very important benefit inherited from the service plans model, is that we no longer need to hold features back for major upgrades. So we’ll continue our exciting Pagico development and you will receive new Pagico capabilities as soon as they are ready!

Low Monthly Cost

Multiple tiers of Pagico Service Plans will be offered at low monthly costs:

  • Personal Premium, $2/month
    Includes software updates and upgraded Personal Cloud
  • Partners’ Plan, $4/month
    Includes software updates, upgraded Personal Cloud, 1 extra license and team workspaces
  • Small Team’s Plan, $20/month
    Includes software updates, upgraded Personal Cloud, 4 extra license and unlimited team workspaces
  • Large Team’s Plan, $40
    Includes software updates, upgraded Personal Cloud, 9 extra license and unlimited team workspaces

What about licenses?

Pagico single user licenses are still being sold at $50. Each license purchase now comes with a complimentary 1-year Personal Premium plan. When the Personal Premium plan expires without renewal, or if you choose to cancel the service plan, your Pagico license will continue to be valid and you will not be locked out of your data.

If you have purchased Pagico licenses before September 28, you will also receive a one-year Personal Premium plan at no cost. You will soon receive an email on how to activate your Personal Premium plan.


As of September 28 2020, the Personal Premium plan can be purchased either from our Web Store or through your Pagico ID portal. Other service plans will become available in the coming weeks.