Monthly Feature Updates

New Features September 2020

We’ve had a productive September! Lots of new features and improvements. Here’s a summary of all that’s new in the month of September, 2020.

New Features

The new customizable sidebar
The new Smart List feature
  • UI Improvements
  • Customizable Sidebar!
  • Smart List – frame your content the way you need!
  • You can now quickly copy or move things to starred items with 1-click through the new submenus
  • Smart search now allows you to set the search scope by projects or contacts


  • Fixed an issue where the activation stage may stall if incorrect proxy settings are in place
  • Shortened the NLP parsing latency to reduce the likely hood of missing date/time phrases when you enter task information rapidly
  • When creating new tags, the spaces will now be automatically converted to hyphens
  • Improved the accuracy and reliability of the smart search algorithm
  • Fixed various issues with listing contacts
  • Improved the data sync on Starred items, Pinned Items and Customized Sidebar Widgets
  • Many other under-the-hood improvements