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P+ for iPhone: Tested on iPhone 5 and it’s AMAZING

In the past we’ve been developing and testing P+ on iPhone 4 and 4S. While P+ worked very well on the 4, we were happy to notice that 4S had a pretty obvious performance advantage. Everything was noticeably faster: animations smoother, and database-related actions quicker as well.

Now, last week we got our hands on the brand new iPhone, and of course we didn’t waste a second to start testing P+ on it. The outcome? The iPhone 5 is FREAKISHLY fast and we were totally blown away! Everything was so fast that the animations would finish in a blink of an eye, and we have start thinking about increasing the animation time to make the transitions look good…

P+ will take full advantage of the bigger screen on the 5. Not only list views are naturally longer, item detail views (they’re like little popup panels) are also larger to show you more content.

Anyways, here are a couple more screenshots of it running on the iPhone 5. Enjoy!

P.S.: P+ for iPhone is being developed and tested, and it’s scheduled to be released in November. A public beta is planned to kick off in October (learn more).