Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

Pagico 10 July Update

Hi all, we hope your summer is going well! Today we are making a small release that addresses a few underline issues that negatively affect user experience. Update: A new release was made on July 27, 2022 addressing a few additional issues.

Bug Fixes

  • New in r20220728: Fixed an issue where manual order of list may not be saved correctly in certain cases
  • New in r20220727: Improved the stability when moving data objects across containers
  • New in r20220727: Fixed an issue where the second column of the Today view may not show up on Surface Studio Pro systems
  • New in r20220727: Promoted the visibility of the Calendar Connection option in the Preferences section
  • Fixed an issue where assigning a category to an individual list item may end up assigning the category to the whole list in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the Dashboard may not render correctly due to an issue with the Myself contact in teams
  • Fixed an issue where the filter-by-tags feature in project list views may not work in certain cases

Getting the Update

Please visit our Download section to get the update. Thank you all for choosing Pagico, and have a great summer!