Pagico 9 & 10

Special Notice for Ubuntu Users

If you use Pagico on Ubuntu, please note that the current outgoing version of Pagico is compatible with Ubuntu 19.xx, 20.xx, 21.xx but not compatible with 22.04 yet. This is because Ubuntu 22.04 introduces a number of breaking changes that require a newly compiled version of Pagico.

We have compiled and created a version of Pagico for Ubuntu 22.04, but due to the breaking changes in the OS, this newer version of Pagico isn’t backward compatible with Ubuntu 20.xx and 21.xx.

So if you plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 soon or have already done so, please email us at support at pagico dot com and we’ll provide you the link to this newer version.

We are working on a more elegant way to handle this situation, so please stay tuned. Thank you all very much for your patience and understanding!