Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

Pagico 10 Update 1

A few days ago, we released Pagico 10.0 to the public. It was one of the best launches we’ve had in our history, but we still spotted a few issues here and there. Today we are excited to release Pagico 10 Update 1 to address these launch-day issues.


  • New in r20211015:
    • Fixed an issue where the NLP algorithm may fail to scan for dates in certain cases
    • Fixed an issue where an in-container timeline view may not update as expected when changes are made
    • Fixed an issue where the Mentions section may not show up in containers
    • Fixed an issue where converting a task into a list may not work
  • New in r20211013:
    • Fixed an issue where multi-selecting list items, right-clicking and deleting may incorrectly move the entire list to the Trash
    • Fixed an issue where archived list items don’t always reveal the Show Archived toggle box
    • Fixed an issue where note editing may be interrupted when data sync completes in the background
    • Fixed an issue where external links may not be clickable in the popup info panel
    • Fixed an issue where resizing the due date of task bars in Timelines may not result in the correct date adjustments
    • The Share-in-Teams menu command will no longer show up if the user doesn’t have any teams
    • Other minor bug fixes
  • New in r20211011:
    • Fixed an issue where Pagico on Windows may fail to render the timeline views in certain conditions
    • Fixed an issue where changes made in large lists (lists with hundreds of items) may fail
    • Improved the way external web links are rendered in list items and ntoes
    • Fixed an issue where in certain cases the criteria of Smart Lists may not be edited as expected
    • Fixed an issue with deleting list items
    • Fixed an issue with un-deleting list items
    • Fixed an issue with the Take Ownership feature on containers
    • Significantly improved the efficiency of rendering large lists
    • Improved the Cmd+Enter saving of un-edited notes
    • Improved the way NLP algorithm processes date ranges
    • Fixed an issue where repeating tasks may be rendered incorrectly in the Year view mode of timelines
    • Fixed an issue where the Location property of list items may not be saved in certain conditions
    • Fixed an issue where Smart Lists may not automatically populate their content upon launch

Getting the Update

As always, please visit our Download Section to grab this update.