Pagico (Beta) for Windows is released! (Updated)

This is yet another bug-fix release for Pagico 3.2 (beta) on Windows.

Here’s the change list:

  • Fixed a bug that Pagico can’t open a previously opened database when special characters are used in the file name or path.
  • Fixed a bug that files can not be opened when special characters are used in the database file name or path.

To get started, please go ahead and download the beta.

Enjoy! 😉

Updated on Aug 1st, 2008
Due to a tiny technical issue in the last release, some users might experience problems (page can not be displayed) on initial installations, while some others reported that some bugs still existed.
So if you’re in this case, please download and install this release again.

The fix for the activity issues is not included in this release. We’re still working on it.

Thank you!