[Updated x1] Pagico (Beta) is released, for both Mac and PC!

Hello folks! This is a bug-fix release for the v3.2 on both platforms: Mac and Windows.

Here is the change list.
For both Mac and PC:

  • Updated User Manual
  • Fixed a bug that freezes Pagico after modifying database password
  • Fixed a bug that the list title is not updated properly after editing
  • Fixed bugs that the topic title can not be edited when it contains single or double quotes
  • The “Recent Topics” list is now back to work

For Windows only:

  • Update: Fixed a bug that prevents users from starting the 15-day free trial
  • Update: Fixed the “visit website” link in the start-up screen.
  • Fixed a bug in the database updater so pre-existing topics and contacts are displayed in the drop down list in QuickNotes
  • The “Open database” window now allows user to select databases from anywhere, rather than just the C drive
  • Fixed a bug that prevents users from creating new documents in topics.


As usual, please note that this release is still in BETA. Please provide feedback to us so we can make it better and more stable. Your help is appreciated very much!! 😀


New to this beta?
For more information, including the new system requirements for v3.2 on Windows, please click here.