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Workspace capacity upgraded for all users

Happy Monday, everyone! Today we are excited to let you know that we’ve raised the workspace storage capacity for (almost) all tiers with no cost increase. Oh, we’ve upgraded all existing workspaces too because we love you!

The new workspace storage capacity

  • Personal Workspace: 512MiB (previously 100MiB)
  • Family Workspace: 1GiB (unchanged)
  • Small Team Workspace: 2GiB (previously 1GiB)
  • Mid-Size Team Workspace: 4GiB (previously 2GiB)
  • Large Team Workspace: 10GiB (unchanged)

Along with the capacity upgrade, workspaces will now sync individual files up to 20MiB in size (previously 10MiB).

The cost of these workspace options remain the same, and these capacity upgrades are applied to existing workspaces too.

We hope the increased workspace capacity bring an increase to your productivity as well!

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