Pagico 9 Release Notes

Pagico 9.5: Personalize Pagico to Fit Your Workflow

Pagico is designed to be your ultimate work management platform. But in order for it to help you maximize your productivity, it needs to support you in the ways you want. So in Pagico 9.5, you can personalize Pagico to frame your data the way you like, and define what shows up in your sidebar.

Smart Lists

Normally, you manage data by projects or contacts. But when you’d like to get a sense of things across the board, you have to create and switch to a smart collection. In Pagico 9.5, Smart Lists bring this custom view right into your projects and contacts. You can easily create filtered views in any way you like, so you can stay focused and only see the things really matter to you.

The Smart Lists feature in action

We just love the new Smart Lists feature. As soon as the feature is ready, we created a N17 Company Dashboard that features a few areas of things that we need to access the most. It’s so convenient and visually clean, that we are not sure why we didn’t do this sooner.

Customizable Sidebar

If Smart Lists let you customize content inside projects, then the new Customizable Sidebar lets you define content in the universally-accessible sidebar area. You can not only relabel and reorder widgets to your preference, but also create custom smart lists right in your sidebar! Imagine keeping a short list of key documents always visible in the sidebar, or maintain a list of project templates so you can quickly clone new copies out of. The possibilities are truly endless, and the time savings are tremendous.

The Customizable Sidebar in action

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the calendar feed isn’t updated when a task is marked as completed in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where the hyperlink preview feature may render error messages for broken links
  • Fixed an issue where the date picker panel may show up too low and not completely visible in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where the Auto-Clean feature may clear out content incorrectly, which may lead to data returning after data sync cycles
  • Fixed an issue where completed items may stay in the Today view without getting auto-updated instantly
  • Improved the data sync efficiency when the trash is cleared with large amount of data
  • Fixed an issue where changing the status of a task did not lead to the instant update in calendar views
  • Fixed a number of small issues with the Smart Search engine
  • Fixed an issue where timed events without starting date may show up incorrectly in the external calendar feed


Pagico 9.5 is now available for macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu. To get the update, please head over to the Download Section. This is a free update to all v9 users.

Last but not least, we’d like acknowledge our beta testers. Dozens of Pagico enthusiasts helped us testing the 9.5 release for several weeks, ironing out all the weird little things. We can’t do this without you, and we sincerely appreciate your passion and your patience!