Pagico 9 Release Notes

Pagico 9.5 Update 1 has arrived

Hi all, greetings! After the mega update that we had from last week, many of you reached out with very encouraging remarks and comments on issues you encountered. So here’s our very first 9.5 update that brings a number of small but certainly annoying issues. Thank you all again for your input! We appreciate your voice very much.

Change List

  • Fixed an issue where Smart Lists could not be created or moved to Inbox
  • Fixed an issue where the Inbox entry didn’t show up in the move-to/copy-to panels
  • Fixed an issue where custom date values may get overwritten by NLP results in the New Task panel
  • Fixed an issue where tasks in the sidebar may get rendered incorrectly when notes for the tasks are present
  • Fixed an issue where the Show-Completed option wasn’t remembered in Timeline views
  • Fixed an issue where the contact list may be rendered as blank in certain scenarios
  • Pagico on macOS no longer launches the Pagico Helper app automatically (you can still configure the Helper app to be launched at system startup)

Getting the Update

Pagico 9.5 r20200902 is available for macOS, MacOS X, Windows and Ubuntu. You can download the update from the Download Section.