Pagico 9 Release Notes Updates

Pagico 9 Update 4 is now available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 9 Update 4 (rev. 3060) brings a number of minor improvements and bug fixes, and is a free update to all v9 users.

Change List

  • Re-enabled customizable Reminders to tasks and notes
  • Improved the way Distraction-Free mode looks
  • Added variance display to lists and list items in container views
  • Hitting ENTER in the note title field will now automatically switch the cursor to the note body field
  • Fixed an issue where the menu command Show Release Notes did not lead to the right web location
  • Fixed an issue where items added to your Inbox via the Helper app did not trigger the schedule cache update as expected
  • Fixed an issue where an invalid team member content filter may cause the Dashboard to go blank
  • Improved data sync efficiency and reliability in certain edge case scenarios
  • Pagico Helper on macOS now offers a button to launch Pagico when it isn’t running
  • Implemented a better sync cache reset for all workspaces (previously only available to Personal Cloud)
  • Added Inbox cache sync auto-reset upon database open sequences
  • Fixed an issue where the Safari App Extension may fail to function when Pagico was updated through the in-app auto-update mechanism
  • Fixed an issue where Someday tasks weren’t saved or rendered correctly in certain cases
  • Minor UI improvements

Getting the Update

Please visit the Download Section to obtain the update.