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Pagico May 2024 Edition: Workflows, Web Widgets, and More! (UPDATEDx2)

The wait is finally over! We are excited to announce the official release of the May 2024 Update of Pagico 10! This release includes two major new features: Automated Workflows and Web Widgets!

Updated on May 23: A new update has just been released to address a few additional glitches.

Updated on May 21: A new update was released to address a few under-the-hood, minor but certainly annoying bugs. Read on the learn more.

Automated Workflow

With workflows, you can let Pagico perform actions that are repetitive in nature. For example, you can create a new task in Inbox and have it automatically moved to the corresponding project/contact; or, import a new file and have it tagged and categorized; or, you can create a routine list and have Pagico automatically create the list items for you. Workflows can also be triggered manually, so you can define a filing process then invoke it on any data object of your choice, on-demand! The possibilities are truly endless! Be sure to check out our online tutorial site if you need some inspirations.

Web Widgets

Ever wanted to embed web content right into your projects or contacts? With the May update, you can! Simply create a Web Link object, then enable “Render as a Widget” option. Take a look at this feature in action:

And a lot more!

In addition to the two new features, this update also brings a number of small, under-the-hood improvements.

  • Updated on May 23: Fixed an issue where date ranges could not be saved for list items
  • Updated on May 23: Fixed an issue where workflow-created objects may not show up right away as expected
  • Updated on May 23: Fixed an issue where some times inline tags may not be rendered as tag objects
  • Updated on May 21: Several under-the-hood bug fixes for improved user experience
  • Fixed various issues with inline links
  • Fixed an issue where the data objects may be rendered in incorrect positions in certain cases
  • Hitting the ESC key will now prompt to discard unsaved changes as expected
  • Fixed an issue where some times the main content tab may be rendered
  • Fixed an issue where deleted tasks may continue to show up in timeline views
  • The map view object can now remember custom zoom level and view centers
  • The task details cards will now show a map view if the location property is set

Getting the Update

Please head to the Downloads section to grab this update. If you have an active service plan, then this update is free for you! Otherwise, please consider purchasing the Personal Premium service plan to not only get this update, but also future updates for a whole year! If you’re undecided, please download and choose the Free Trial mode to check it out before making your decisions.

Special Thanks

We would like to give a special thanks to all of our beta testers. We could not have done this without your input! We at NOTES 17 sincerely appreciate your continued support.