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Pagico Plus 3 for iOS delayed until Nov 4, BETA testers wanted!

About the delay

We are sorry to inform you that the launch date of Pagico Plus 3 for iOS has been pushed to November 4th, 2014. A number of factors were contributing to this delay. Part of it is that we wanted to take the time to make sure the app comes out with a satisfactory user experience, and part of it is because Apple’s iOS app review time has skyrocketed to over 10 days. In any event, we just wanted to let you know about the slight change of plan.

Beta testers wanted!

In the mean time, would you be interested in testing the iOS app with us, and getting access to Pagico Plus before everyone else? We have a limited number of beta tester slots available, so please send us an email if you’re interested! We’ll need the usual bits of information: Your name, and the UDID of your device. For your convenience, here’s a handy tutorial on how to locate the UDID of your iPhone / iPad.