iOS Pagico

Pagico Plus 4.3 is now available for iOS devices, Android soon

Pagico Plus 4.3 brings a few long-waited features & bug fixes.

General Improvements

  • Support for the description & tags fields for file objects
  • Auto-archive tasks as you check them off
  • Your signed-in status will no longer be lost due to low storage space
  • Easily create new tasks and notes from files

iPhone-Specific Changes

  • The display order of projects and contacts will now be remembered
  • Easily archive and unarchive items

iPad-Specific Changes

  • Notes in search results now show correct icon and title
  • Fixed an issue where search on iPad may crash the app
  • Linked items are now correctly rendered with their titles
  • Fixed an issue where archiving an item may cause the item to be missing

Pagico Plus 4.3 will be released to Android devices on the Google Play store shortly as well.