Pagico 8 Updates

Sneak Peak: Teammate content filters

Are you using Pagico with your team and syncing data via workspaces? If so, you’ll certainly run into an annoying issue: everyone’s data is showing up on your Dashboard, which makes it cluttered. Introducing the brand-new Teammate Content Filter.

Starting from version 8.7, Pagico will identify all the individual users in your system and will let you filter content based on the selected teammates. Unlike the current “Teamwork Mode Dashboard option” which only applies to your Dashboard timeline, this new filter option also works with the Calendar view, All Tasks view, Projects view, Contacts view and all your workspaces timelines, too!

With this new feature, you can easily see everything that’s owned or assigned to you (or any teammate of your choice) with just two clicks.

This Teammate content filter feature, among many other exciting changes, is coming soon to you in Pagico 8.7. Want to test Pagico 8.7 (and all future beta builds) first before we publicly release it? Just sign up for  beta builds here. We’ll send you an email as soon as beta builds are ready.