Pagico 7 Release Notes Updates

Pagico Plus for iPad v1.3 is now available!

Just a quick word to let you know that a new version of Pagico Plus for iPad, version 1.3, is now available via the Apple App Store. Here’s the direct link to it.

One thing that I want to inform you, is that when upgrading from v1.2, there is a chance that P+ v1.3 may get stuck on a gray screen. This is due to an unknown issue which we’re still investigating. We do know that something in the database must be changed during the upgrade, but we don’t know exactly what. However, the good news is that the fix is quite easy — if your P+ gets stuck at the gray screen, just delete P+ from your iPad and download it again from the App Store. This simple trick will get the issue fixed and all your data back.

Now that’s squared away, here’s what’s new in this new version 1.3:

  • Optimized for the Retina Display on the new iPad
  • Corrected a date-related issue caused by daylight saving changes
  • The agenda screen will not reset to the current day after saving new tasks
  • Navigating in the flowchart no longer folds task groups
  • Optimized the workspace sync functionality
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally changes made on iPad are not pushed to other devices via the cloud sync