Important Note for P+ users: Why does P+ get stuck after upgrading

Dear all,

If you’ve been using P+ on your iPad (with iOS 5.1), you might have noticed that whenever P+ is updated, it will remain stuck in a grey screen won’t do anything. This is caused by an undocumented software change Apple made in iOS5.1. Previously, apps get to retain users’ data between updates, which is good. But starting from iOS 5.1, all the database data is lost once an app is updated. It’s like getting a fresh install, but not quite there yet (still something left). This is the underlying reason that caused the blank screen issue. All in all, I’d like you to know that we are aware of this terrible bug and we’re working on to address.

In the mean time, I’m glad to report that, thanks to the cloud sync, you should not lose any data due to this issue. If you are seeing the blank screen problem, simply delete P+ from you iPad and re-download it from the AppStore and you’ll be all set. You will not be charged again to re-download the app.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience, and our next update will for sure get this issue resolved. Thank you all for your understanding.