The Pomodoro Technique

For many, when it comes to getting to work, time is our greatest enemy: it seems to stretch out endlessly when you have a hard job to do, then it flies away when you waste time on yourself distract.

Ineffective. If that’s the hallmark of your day’s work, then there’s a simple way to quickly improve your productivity.

The Pomodoro Technique offers a method to divide your work into small, manageable tasks for a fixed, uninterrupted time.

The technique of Pomodoro

The Pomodoro technique is as simple as it is effective.

You choose a single task. Preferably, something that deserves full attention.

You set a timer for 25 minutes ( pomodoro ). You agree to spend this time on the work to be done.

Do the job. Do not be a slave to your interruptions. When you think of something that is likely to stop you, write it down on a piece of paper and continue your pomodoro. Unless there is an emergency: toilets, burning house or locust invasion.

Once the timer rings, take a 5-minute break to relax. Stretch, drink a glass of water, meditate, do anything unrelated to work. The sound signal helps your mind to internalize the transition from a targeted work state to relaxation and vice versa.

After finishing 4 pomodoro, take a longer break of 20 to 30 minutes. This allows your brain to rest to facilitate the assimilation of new information and avoid mental fatigue.

The advantages of Pomodoro

Better measure your time . Take a list to make an inventory of your tasks. Mark a cross next to the task for each past pomodoro. At the end of your day, you will have a good indicator of your work time.

Cut any interruptions (social networks, emails, phone). Winning in discipline means learning to say no to focus on the essentials. Your social life will not collapse if you are unavailable for 25 minutes.

Estimate the time spent. With experience, you will be able to estimate how many pomodoro will be needed to complete a task.

For example: Do research – 2 pomodoro; Write an article – 3 pomodoro; Re-read and correct mistakes – 1 pomodoro.

To gain inefficiency. After each pomodoro, you can measure your progress by noting anything that can help you improve.

Define your limits. What motivates you to complete a task within a specified time. The more time you have to complete a task, the longer it will take. It’s Parkinson’s law and the students know it … very well.

Set your goals. Realizing that you spend a lot of time doing something that is not essential, allows you to redefine your priorities.

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8 things to do before 8AM

The way you spend your morning has a direct impact on how the rest of your day will turn out. Sometimes all it takes to have a productive day is taking the time to ensure you start it off on the right foot.

While your perfect morning routine might look different, it is important to create one that works best for YOU. 

  1. Meditate 

Focus on inhaling and exhaling as your mind settles and your body releases any anxiety about the day ahead. This isn’t supposed to be an opportunity to solve your problems; rather, it’s meant to reset the mind and create space for open thoughts later on. 

2. Exercise

Before your responsibilities creep in, get up and move your body. We’re more likely to exercise if we fit it in the early morning. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes, take advantage of this part of your day. There are fewer interruptions and will help you maintain focus throughout the rest of your day.

3. Drink Water

It seems simple, but hydrating within the first hour of waking is a great way to set your mind and body up for success. A nourished and hydrated self will be less stressed and more focused throughout the day. Aim to have at least three glasses of water before you leave the house, and power up with protein and fats to keep you going until lunchtime.

4. Brain Dump

A brain dump is taking all things that you’re thinking and stressing about, and dumping it somewhere- either on a notebook, planner or a piece of paper. The purpose of a brain dump is to help you clear your thoughts so that you can focus on the tasks at hand without any distractions. 

5. Review your Tasks on Pagico

When we’re clear on what we intend to accomplish in the day, we’re more likely to make it happen. Use your morning to map out the day, it will help you stay on track and keep you prioritized. Consider your must-do’s, where you need to be, how you’ll get there, and who you plan to speak with that day. Factoring in things like travel time and any challenges that might happen can be helpful in the long run. If you foresee them happening, you can develop a solution to work through them if they arise.

6. Clean Up 

Clutter is the enemy of creativity. Therefore if you clean up your home early in the morning, you are setting yourself up for a productive day.

You’re able to think more clearly, be more relaxed, feel happier and you generally feel like you’re able to function and focus on being more creative and productive. 

7. Journal

Roy T. Bennett once quoted that ‘what is focused upon will grow’.

So, write down a list of at least 10 things you appreciate right now in your life. Journaling is known to help practice gratitude, reflect and even set goals for the next time around.

8. Don’t hit Snooze

The biggest delay to a productive morning is the snooze button. Plan ahead for when you intend to get out of bed, set an alarm and rise when that alarm goes off, even if that’s an hour earlier than you would usually. The quality and quantity of sleep we receive plays heavily into our success!

Pagico 8.18 r2424 for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.18 r2424 is a maintenance update recommended for all Pagico 8 users.

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Pagico 8.18 r2423 is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

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As such, Pagico 8.18 r2423 is recommended for all v8 users to upgrade.

5 Ways to Manage Your Energy and Boost Productivity

Do you want to perform with a higher level of energy? Get more tasks done? In less time? Then this article is for you. 

#1 Manage your Energy, not your Time

Energy is the fuel that propels us through time, but it is inconsistent. Our energy levels go in waves throughout the day.

When we are more energized and focused, we perform a task faster and with fewer mistakes. Instead of using time management principles, imagine organizing tasks by the level of energy we have.

#2 Find your Purpose

You might believe you have all the time in the world to work, but if you aren’t focused on what motivates you, you are wasting both your time and your energy.

The purpose of your work is the core of your personal energy. It compels you to take action. It replenishes and sustains the rest of your energy sources.

#3 Develop Habits

If you want to design your life around the work you’ve always wanted to do, you are going to need to change some of your habits.

Lifestyle design is at the core of developing Habits.

Habits initially take a lot of energy to develop because we have to consciously think about creating them.

Once a habit or routine is created, however, it saves us a tremendous amount of energy and time because those same routines will now be automatic, an not require any additional thought.

#4 Make Fewer Decisions

Decisions eat up a lot of time and energy because our brain has to focus on making a new choice.

The more choices we have to make, the more energy is used. Eventually, decision fatigue sets in.

Reduce the number of decisions you make by automating, eliminating, and creating routines. By doing this we are able to focus on using our energy on decisions that really matter.

#5 Work in Sprints

According to research, we operate in a cycle of energy waves called the Ultradian Rhythm. We are only able to focus on tasks for a period of 90 to 120 minutes. After we have reached our peak, we need to renew our energy in order to move onto the next task.

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