Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 9 Release Notes

New: Improved Teamwork Experience

Greetings! Today we are excited to release Pagico 9 rev.20201124 20201125 that brings a number of small improvements that contribute to an enhancement in teamwork user experience.


  • Items modified by your teammates will be highlighted to better locate and identify those changes
  • Simplified the process of creating new teams
  • Fixed some inconsistent use of wordings (workspaces vs. teams)
  • Removed confusing cost descriptions for users with team service plans
  • Fixed an issue where newly joined teams may get stuck at the “initial sync is underway, please wait” stage
  • Improved the experience of creating new project and contacts in teams
  • Fixed an issue where changes to certain files were not tracked for data sync
  • Pagico will generate appropriate alert messages when content of your interest (e.g. your content, or content that you starred) is modified by your teammates
  • A new Activity Feed view in Team workspaces and an activity preview card in the Team Dashboard views to help you easily catch up with all the recent changes
  • Server-side optimization that speeds up the data sync process when large quantity of content is present in the workspace*

* In case you’re curious — one of the things that Pagico server needs to do during data sync cycles, is to figure out what the server has and compare that to what your software provided. This data computation process used to take a bit of time due to inefficiencies in our codebase. In a test Team workspace with over 6,000 projects, this computation process took an average of 26 seconds. After the revision, this process now completes in less than 1 second. That’s a whopping 33x improvement!

Getting the Update

You can download this update from our Downloads Section.