Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 9 Release Notes

Project Title Image, new Duplicate menu command and simplified hyperlink preview

Over the past few days, we pushed a number of smaller updates. Collectively, they brought the following feature improvements and bug fixes:

Feature Improvements

  • Apple Silicon Support (Universal Binary)
  • Project Title Images, a recently added feature, will now also show up in exported project archives as well as public share. Your publicly shared projects will now look better than ever!
  • New Duplicate menu command for list items. Now you can quickly duplicate list items with ease!
  • Hyperlink preview, another recently added feature from a few months ago, received a visual update. The hyperlink previews now take much less footprint than before, making your content flow better while still preserving the information.
  • Minor UI adjustments on the minified sidebar appearance. Now the minified sidebar has the same width as the toolbar’s height.
  • Pagico will now prompt users (just once) to enable the Personal Cloud option upon first launch
  • The activation screen now offers a convenient link to retrieve activation code if needed
  • Pagico will automatically connect to newly created workspaces (no need to manually click on the connection refresh link)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where tasks imported from Zapier may run into issues when trying to copy or move
  • Fixed an issue where the list titles may not be correctly included in smart searches
  • Fixed an issue where the chat counters for teams may incorrectly show up when no new messages are available
  • In-view search matches will now be correctly highlighted

Getting the Update

You can obtain the update through our Download Section.