Video Sneak Peak: The Quick Look feature in Pagico 3, another Leopard-only feature

Pagico logoHey folks! Happy thanks giving!
I’m here *again* to bring you some really interesting but Leopard-only feature in the upcoming Pagico 3.

Although we’re trying to bring you a software that is compatible on both 10.4 as well as 10.5, there are a few “special” features that are Leopard-only. One of them is the “Widget” feature that I showed you several weeks ago. And this time, it’s about the new “Quick Look” feature in Leopard. Read More

Video Sneak Peak: Pagico 3, it’s so much faster

Pagico logoIt’s thanks giving! But I’m still working. 🙂
This time it’s a short video clip about the upcoming Pagico 3. As stated before, we’re working on almost totally rewriting the entire UI system (no, it’s not about getting a better face for Pagico) so it’ll have much better user experience in terms of responsiveness (performance) and many user-friendly features.
Read More

Pagico for Ubuntu is released!

Pagico + Ubuntu = ?Hello everyone, this is probably the *first* post that is not a sneak peak of the upcoming shiny baby in this week. 😉 This time, it’s about Pagico on Ubuntu.

A long while (you still remember we started doing Pagico on linux platforms a really long time ago, right?) after the development of Pagico on Ubuntu systems, today I’m really happy to unveil the new website for Pagico on Ubuntu, as well as the availability of Pagico on Ubuntu for both 7.04 as well as 7.10.

Read More

Video Sneak Peak: Fully customizable shortcuts in Pagico 3

The shortcuts that allows you to create new documents directly in topics could be very useful, if they really suit you the best.
But don’t worry about that. Watch this short video clip and you’ll know that setting up your favorite shortcuts are just a just a matter of drag and drop. Read More

Sneak Peak: Improved search feature in Pagico 3

As we’re busy working on the upcoming Pagico 3 (free updates for all existing users!), here comes some more details about it. This time, it’s about the improved search feature. Read More

Sneak Peak: How does Pagico 3 look like?

After weeks of developing Pagico 3, I’m here really excited to show you some of the screenshots of the upcoming Pagico 3.

For this major upgrade, we are actually rewriting it from scratch: completely new, optimized framework so that the application may run like a charm, and more features of course.

Let’s look at a screenshot of Pagico 3… Read More

New Pagico releases uploaded, addressing installation issues on Leopard machines

Hi guys, in the past couple of days we’ve been working on addressing some installation issues. Those are really annoying bugs, but anyway, we figured out a way (hopefully it’s not too late, though) to resolve them.

The fix mainly focused on the following configurations:

– Intel Mac with Leopard
– Intel Mac with Tiger

So if you’ve tried to install Pagico with no success, and you’re using the one of the configurations above, now it’s time for you to give it another shot. 🙂

Thanks to Dubravko and David who provided detailed information about the problems!

This is a *hidden* update, which means you will not see “New version available” in your Pagico program. This is because in this release there is no feature improvement but just installer fixes. So if you’re running Pagico without a problem, you don’t have to update. 😉

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