Pagico v3.0 is coming along, with incredible ideas… (AGAIN!)!!

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As you can see recently we have slowed down the pace of adding new features to Pagico. Does it mean that we’re getting lazy? Definitely not!

That is because we’re working on some giant improvements which will be rolled out within the upcoming months (yes, months instead of weeks or days).
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Pagico v2.3.1107 is released

Hey folks, this is a bug-fix release that addresses the following issue.
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Mail server issue… resolved

Hello guys, as some of you might have known that there was something wrong with our mail server (more precisely, the mail account) so we couldn’t receive anything until today (Nov 02, 22:00). So please be patient about the delay of the respond from us.

But the good thing is that we did not lose (hopefully) any message — all the messages are coming in slowly. For now we’re replying EVERY email we receive. So, don’t be surprised if you receive responds for some “ancient” messages.


2.3.1030 is released: Available for Windows, small bug fixes, and a small hint!

Hey everyone, now that the Pagico v2.3.1030 has been released. From now on, windows users will be able to enjoy the new “data detection” feature as well as many other improvements we’ve done in the past weeks.

However, this release is NOT a windows-only release. Small (but important) bug in flowchart view has been fixed. If you have found the bug like this image:
Small bug in flowchart feature
Then you probably want to upgrade to this new release.

This release contains tweaks for data detection feature as well.

Some updates on the Pagico for Ubuntu:
As the development on Ubuntu progresses, we’ll probably be able to provide Pagico on Ubuntu in the following week. Debugging for Ubuntu 7.10 took us so long… But anyway, good news is that we’ve already reaching the end of the testing works. 🙂

So, enjoy the new release! 🙂

Tips for the new data detection feature

Have you played with the new “Data Detection” feature? If not, you might want to take a look at our screencast which was made several days ago.

As this feature is relatively new to everyone, here’s a brief hand-on guide.
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Pagico + Leopard = (unlimited productivity) x 2

Hmm. It’s time to have some fun with leopard. Thanks to the built-in feature of Leopard, you can now make your own dashboard widgets for Pagico in just seconds! You can even play with Pagico without launching it.

Here’s a widget I made for Pagico (yes! for the visualized schedule): Read More

New release: Now compatible with Leopard, new feature and bug fixes (UPDATED)

Pagico software
Hello everyone, this is going to be a great day! I’m excited to tell you that Pagico (ver. 2.3.1028) can now live on Leopard. All you need to do is, after upgrading to Leopard, download the latest release of Pagico and install. It’s that easy. All your previous data will be preserved.

And, in this release, the new “Data Detection” feature is included as well!
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