Pagico 2.3.1019, enhanced GTD experience, tag in tasks, works with MailTag!

Hey guys, I know I’ve just released 2.3.1018 yesterday — but this update is really exciting so I just can’t wait for another week to release it.

What’s new in this release:
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Pagico v2.3.1018 is released, italian localization and bug fixes

Pagico logo
Hi folks, the new version v2.3.1018 is there!

This is mainly a bug-fix release, and if you have encountered error messages in Pagico, please update to this new release.

However, there is one special improvement besides these bug fixes, that is: the new Italian localization!
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Leopard is on the way (Oct 26th), backup your Pagico before upgrading

Well I think that’s great news for this week that Apple has already announced its latest version of operating system “Leopard” to be released on Oct 26th.

This is definitely gonna be cool, and the biggest upgrade since…. tiger.

Leave microsft windows in dust, again? Hopefully.

However, before upgrading to the new cat, make sure you backed up your precious data as well as Pagico so you have nothing to lose.

Just want to remind you that Pagico on mac stores all your data under the “Pagico” folder under your “Applications” folder. So make sure you have a duplication for that folder before falling in love with the new cat. 😉

What (do you think) are the top 3 features in Pagico?

New Pagico banner, inspired by Apple…

As you can see there’s a new banner in the home page. Yes, I was inspired by Apple (I know, I know). 🙂

These are three features that I used most frequently and therefore the most important features to me.

So, as the title says, what features do you use the most frequently (or the most important)? 😉

Sample uses of “Activites” feature in Pagico (UPDATED)

Pagico logo
Hmm, here’s another simple (and detailed) guide about the “Activity” feature in Pagico. This is yet another interesting feature that you might not have seen in other softwares.

Just as other unique features designed in Pagico, this “activity” feature can be used in many ways. In this article, several sample uses will be covered for demonstrative purposes.
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A detailed tutorial for TagExploré with a real world example (UPDATED)

Pagico logo
Hey folks, as requested by Wade, this is a detailed tutorial in addition to the original TagExploré tutorial article.

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how this feature works with a real example. Yep, just like a case study.

Hope it’ll help, comments are welcomed. 😉
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MobileNote feature is improved (UPDATED)

MobileNote feature is improved
How are you doing these days? As we’re working on the linux release of Pagico, the beta test of MobileNote feature has not stopped neither.

After a couple of weeks working, we’ve finally decided to completely re-written the incoming message handling program, which is believed to be the cause of not being able to receive mobile notes sent from certain email client or device.

It turns out that it only accepts plain text messages sent from Apple Mail program.
Geez. It loves mac than we do.

So, now the MobileNote server has been updated, so anyone who had problems with this feature before, please give it another try to see if it’s working or not.


Update x1
It turns out that this new algorithm needs more tests… 😐 Well, the good news is that it’s been fixed (again), and hopefully you guys can sync with our server and start using this feature!
Sorry for the inconvenience!

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