WYSIWYG editor in Pagico? Soon! But…

The long-waiting WYSIWYG editor in PagicoWe’re here happy to tell you about the progress of the long-waiting WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor in Pagico is *almost* there.From the screenshot on the left, you can see that it’s working. However, it will not work on your lovely macs until Apple officially introduce the Safari 3 — which is extremely unstable and still in beta. So, do NOT install Safari 3 Beta now — there won’t be a WYSIWYG editor in Pagico, and you’ll have to roll back to Safari 2, as Pagico will crash every time it launches, if Safari 3 Beta is installed (no, it doesn’t matter if you use Safari to use Pagico or not).

More details about the crash issue can be found in our FAQ.    

So, that’s not bad news, right? At least you’ll know what to expect (hopefully Safari 3 will gone gold together with the Leopard, OS X 10.5 which is about to release in Sep, 2007).

Pagico on iPhone? Soon!

Note: This is a very old blog post and is not accurate any more. For more information on the Pagico on iPhone app, please click here.

Pagico on iPhone? Soon!

Several weeks ago, I’ve got my shiny iPhone from a local AT&T store, I just can’t express how I liked this gadget although I have to bear the “great” customer services of AT&T.

In short (and without repeating all the buzz words all over the world), iPhone is the best handheld device I’ve ever used, including regular cellphones, PDAs, and BlackBerry.

All right. iPhone is here. So what shall we do about Pagico? Definitely we’re going to build a web app for it. But what about the data? The app can be online, but your data is still sleeping in your computer, right?

That’s it. Using a words from Steve Jobs: “We don’t talk about future products”.

Stay tuned buddy. 😉

Pagico running slow on your computer?

We’re working on optimizing Pagico so that it can run faster, more smooth. Some users have been providing similar feedbacks to us for a while.

Why it’s slow while my email client is faster even with 10,000 messages in it?
Simply put, Pagico is a very complex application, so it consumes more power to present you a topic compared to word processor applications, and here’s a basic routine.
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Pagico’s new blog, and Pagico v2.2.0822

Pagico logo

Hello everyone, this is C. Meng from Pagico software. I’m happy to start this official blog for Pagico here.

Some may say “What? You’re starting your blog nearly 1 year after your product??!!”. I know, I know, it is late, but it’s still good to do it right now.

Well, before Pagico was branded as “Pagico” (it was called “CodeX”, if there’s anyone can remember) there was a blog, which was shut down when the transition took place. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for Pagico for a very long time, and even thinking of continuing on the previous CodeX’s blog. However, considering Pagico is so different compared to CodeX, I decided to start a new blog from scratch.

Here, I would like to say thank you to all our existing customer (it’s hard to believe that you bought something doesn’t even have a blog! 😉 Just joking), with your help, Pagico’s first shot was not bad! 🙂 I would especially thank those who has been providing their opinions frequently and still working with us. Your patience is appreciated so much!

Pagico has grown significantly through its first v2.0 to the v2.2 which was just released several days ago. We’ve made many changes to Pagico by requests from our users. So, I think this blog is a good start for making the conversations much more easier and friendly — compared to the cold contact form or email client.

So, what we would appreciate, is that you share your thoughts with us no matter you love Pagico or not (you can complaint to us, or flatter us. We love them both, although we love the latter one a little bit more).

And we certainly respect your right to try before buy, so for 15 days you can enjoy a completely unrestricted version of Pagico — without forced delays at start up or anything like that. Some may feel uncomfortable when entering their email address when first launching Pagico, that’s okay. You can leave your actually email address or just enter something like MickyMouse. We collect your email address in order to provide appropriate assistance if you’re in trouble with Pagico, and send you two essential tips (only two, no more, no panic 😉 ).

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