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Pagico 3 Preview site is now available!

Finally, the first post after the long break. How is everyone doing?
We’ve been enjoying our holidays in Dallas, TX, and we went to… all right, stop wasting time, let’s get to the point — the Pagico 3 Preview site is now available!

Together with the website, a PDF brochure covering the interfaces, new features about the Pagico 3 is also included for free download.

Click here to download the brochure!

Hint for downloading the brochure
Right click (or command+click) on the image above, then select “Save Target As” or “Download Linked File As…”.

Currently we’re finalizing the last few features and the localization works had been started already. A beta would be available soon, and please leave a comment here if you’re interested in trying out the beta.

So, everyone, please enjoy the website. Our precious baby is still two week from ready, and I’m sure it’s worth the wait.

As stated before, Pagico 3 will be a free update for all existing customers. And if you’re not a customer yet, purchase before the release to save $10.

An update about the upcoming Pagico 3
The Pagico 3 for Mac will be first released. Then followed by the Windows version, which should be one or two weeks after the release of the Mac version. After that, is the Linux (Ubuntu) version.

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